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Manny B

Don and his staff are always great. They were fast, thorough, and always there whenever I had any questions for them. Day or night they quickly responded to all my needs and made the process go as smooth as possible. Overall a really well done job!

Tristan C

The whole process was really smooth. Everyone on the team was very attentive to our needs and were quick to reply or let us know what they needed at any time in the process. Would highly recommend the team at Union Choice.

Mark C

This was my second Refi with the team at Union Choice. Everyone was quick to respond and keep me updated on how everything was coming along on their end. Overall a good experience and well-structured process to keep things easy and simple on my end.

Erin C

What I loved most about the team at Union Choice was that they simply get it done! Any time of day they were always there to answer any questions I had. No matter who on the team I was working with I always felt like I was in good hands. The process couldn’t have gone any better!

Bob M

The team over at Union Choice is great! From the beginning to the end of the process the communication is clear and they make everything run smoothly. The app lets you know when any documents are needed and I was able to upload my documents without any hassle and in just a few weeks they let me know my refinance was funded. This was my third refinance and I can’t say anything but the best about Union Choice. 

Lucy M

The experience was great!. The team at Union Choice was incredibly efficient at getting my refinance approved.  They were quick to answer any questions I had and closed out the process seamlessly. I would highly recommend the team at Union Choice

Mark M

I contacted Union Choice looking to refinance after seeing their ad in star magazine.  In just three weeks they were able to complete the whole process and they were even able to give me a rate that was a little lower than what was initially quoted to me. I’ve Refinanced before but never has it been this easy. Would highly recommend!

Donald R

It had been about 10 years since I’ve had a Refi and couldn’t have asked for more. Don was accommodating and talked me through the whole process. His team made it easy and with no surprises from start to finish. They were friendly and honest throughout the whole process and truly cared about me not only as a customer but as a person. I would definitely recommend Don and his team for anyone looking for a loan or Refi. 

Armando O

The people at Union Choice were very helpful in the process of completing my Refinance. The process was fast and they made everything seem as simple and easy as possible . Overall great experience working with Union Choice.

Erika G

Union Choice made it super easy for me. Lou was great and answered any questions I had. The process was quick and as seamless as could be!