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Union Choice
I would like to thank the team at Union Choice for the Great service I was provided while Refinancing my home. This was actually the second time they have helped me through the process. They will be there through each step to help/answer all questions along the way. Special thanks to Lou Miron for answering every call, and working fast for me.

Union Choice
“Great customer service. Extremely helpful. Which was great considering we were first time buyers. They made the whole process easy and painless.

My husband and I came in not really knowing much. This was the first time we bought a home. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. They answered all of our questions. We didn’t think we were going to close Escrow and receive possession of our home as quickly as we did. We are beyond grateful. We had no previous experiences. All of our questions and concerns were addressed and explained to us. Which made it very easy for us.

Everyone involved made themselves readily available. We would call or email and our questions were answered thoroughly. Great communication and the level of customer service was great. Don was amazing he went above and beyond for us. There was mix-up with the annuity loan and he made this a priority. He got on the phone with John Hancock and my husband and sorted out he whole situation. Allowing us to close Escrow as scheduled.

If we could tell you one thing about the Union Choice team..We would tell you that you are in good hands. Union Choice is amazing and they take great care of you. They make the home buying process painless and easy.”

IBEW Local 11
Union Choice
Absolutely love the quick replies, texts, emails, and phone calls we received. Their Realtor was AMAZING! He most definitely looked out for our best interest. Liked that we were immediately treated like family, not just another customer/sale. Helped us out tremendously with our landlord and went above and beyond by taking care of the last month of our lease. Scott went as far as assisting us with a plumbing issue we had on the first day or two when we moved in. He made sure everything went smooth and we were happy! Just the time spent communicating with us and making us feel like family. We never felt like we were just another sale for you guys. Absolutely recommended to several people already. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful the Realtor was! Both my son and daughter used you guys and they found their very first home. Again, he was extremely helpful and patient. Always looked out for their best interest. We are extremely happy with Union Choice, and both my son and daughter are extremely happy with their first home purchase…..Scott is absolutely the best

IBEW Local 11
Union Choice
“A few years back my family and I was living the American Dream. We had everything a middle class family could ask for. In one month we were hit by tragedy, my wife got very sick and this caused her to have to stop working, I changed jobs to be home more often to help her and before you knew it we found ourselves underwater in our financial situation. We were on the brink of losing everything. I tried several different lenders to help me refinance my house and no one would help. I was so desperate I cashed out my retirement to try to save our house, but this was not enough. I had finally given in and accepted what appeared to be the inevitable possibility that we would lose the only place my kids have known as home.

Several months went by as we were contemplating selling our home, then I came across Union Choice’s ad in a Union News Paper, So I called them in a last dich effort to save my home, as their ad said they basically had loans for most situations good or bad.

I talked with Lou Miron about my situation. Lou without hesitation jumped into action, went through where I currently was at and what I needed to get back to a normal life and save our home. The process was seamless as well as rapid. Lou and his team found a loan that was more than what we expected; we were able to consolidate our high interest debt and lower the interest on our mortgage rate from 5% to 4.25%. This saved us, as it lower our monthly expenses by consolidating our debt with our mortgage and having a lower rate meant we paid less a month; we are now above water and finally feel that we can live again. We are able to start rebuilding from our misfortune, able to save money for the future should we again be faced with tragedy, and can move forward with our lives all thanks to Union Choice, Lou Miron and his team. I am huge advocate for Union Choice and have been sharing what they have done for my family and me with everyone I come in contact with. When I am at different places and hear people talking about refinancing or qualifying for a home loan I make sure to tell them about Union Choice as it has been my experience they are among the, if not are the best in their industry.”

Thank you Lou, Don, and everyone at Union Choice for helping my family and I you are greatly appreciated.

Emcor Services
Union Choice
“Very pleased with the service I received from Union Choice. I love this team!”

UA Local 250
Union Choice
“Union Choice got me into the home of my dreams! I was really nervous when I entered into a purchase contract but the Union Choice were consummate professionals that provided white glove service. I barely had to do anything! Love them and love my new home. Thank you Team U.C.!”

Local 11 IBEW